Doctoral Committee:

Chair: vacant


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"The Value of Nurses with Doctorates" - Click HERE to download the ppt 

Doctoral Symposium 2016: Nursing Leadership through Policy Development and Educational Advancement

Thanks for a great event! More than 100 people attended Saturday, November 12 at Georgia State University in downtown Atlanta.

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2016 Doctoral Award recipients

  • 2016 Doctoral Award Recipients
    • Research Doctorate Award - Mariya Kovaleva (Emory University)
    • Practice Doctorate Award - Rosemary Kinuthia (Emory University)
  • 2016 Health Policy Scholarship Recipients
    • Kay Argroves (Augusta University - DNP program)
    • Gaea Daniel (Emory University - PhD program)
    • Rosemary Kinuthia (Emory University - DNP program)

Previous Award Recipients

    • 2015 Doctoral Award recipients: 

      • Research Doctorate Award - Lauren Head (Emory University) 

      • Practice Doctorate Award - Karman Ott (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing)

    • 2015 Health Policy Award Recipients: 

      • Blake McGee (Emory University)

      • Tanya Naguszewski (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing) 

      • Jennifer Vanderlaan (Emory University)

    BSN Committee:

    Chair, Diane E. White, PhD, RN, CCRN

    • Developing a database of RN-BSN directors
    • Determining what resources would be useful for "one-stop shopping" for those considering an RN-BSN program
    • Exploring what other states are doing in to see what might be appropriate for Georgia
    • Considering developing a survey to examine enrollment and retention of RN to BSN students in Georgia
    Dr. White and Dr. Streit

    Dr. White and Dr. Streit

    If you are interested in working with any of these groups, please go to the "Contact" page and indicate your preferred committee in the appropriate box.