We are actively working on nursing practice in the following ways:

APRN Practice

Chair, Lucy Marion, PhD, RN, FAAN, FAANP


APRN maps: Georgia

APRN Infographic (downloadable version HERE)

APRN POSTER- presented by Dr. Wheeler at the 12th Annual AAMC Health Workforce Research Conference in Chicago May 5-6, 2016

Other activities


Talk with me baby

In 2014-2016 The GNLC helped support the RWJF Public Health Nurse Leader Diane Durrence and her work to expand Talk With Me Baby (TWMB). TWMB is Georgia's language nutrition solution to bridge the word gap, which will bridge the opportunity gap. TWMB is one of several nationally-recognized initiatives designed to increase the quality and quantity of words that babies hear in their first three years of life. The program focuses on creating a TWMB ecosystem by training nurses and other workforces to build families' capacity to talk with their babies early and often, which will support future learning and put them on a path to reach their full potential in school and in life throughout language literacy. Parents trust and rely on nurses to teach them the necessary skills to care for their babies. Nurses play a critical role in the delivery of education to parents and that is why nurses are at the heart of the TWMB model.

Emory Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing has since taken the reins of TWMB. In 2017, Dean McCauley identified the great need to ensure all nursing students were receiving the critical training of TWMB. At that point, Dean McCauley appointed Dr. Susan Brasher as the lead of TWMB integration at the School of Nursing. As of 2019, Emory has trained over 875 ABSN, AMSN, and BSN students on TWMB. Emory continues to expand TWMB efforts both locally at VA Women's clinics and Grady hospital, as well as internationally during global health nursing immersion trips. 

Past Activities:

2015 Conference - APRNs: Access and Economics in Georgia

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Nurse Residency Programs

Chair, Karen Rawls, RN

  • We are currently reassessing what the key issues are for residency programs in Georgia and how the GNLC can effectively address them. Please contact us if you have useful information or would like to be part of the discussion.

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Roy Simpson, Beth Stephens, Michael McCann, Laura Browers

Roy Simpson, Beth Stephens, Michael McCann, Laura Browers

Barbara Safriet, Mary Chesney, Lucy Marion

Barbara Safriet, Mary Chesney, Lucy Marion